About us

Reputation Management Company was started because we realised how important it is that your business has a good reputation. As the Internet develops it can be harder and harder to compete online and having a strong and positive online image is essential.

We now have clients all over the world and have successfully restored and repaired the online reputations of companies and individuals that were suffering from negative search results.

Why you need a reputation management company…

We are a team of SEO specialists, PR gurus, online marketing experts and social media pioneers, and together we develop a network of positive information about your company so when people search for you online they only see positive information that strengthens your brand and encourages them to do business with you.

With over 10 years in the industry we have dealt with hundreds of businesses that had either a poor online reputation, or no presence at all. Now they dominate search results for their business and enjoy the protection of being able to control what people see when they look for them.

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