Get the search results you want!

Wouldn’t it be nice to control search results so when people type your name in to Google they see what you want them to see?

Well that isn’t a distant dream, it’s a reality with online reputation management. If your company is in need of reputation management then you can change what people see, hide negative reviews, websites, complaints and anything that damages your image.

Does your company need reputation management?

Businesses around the world are realising that how they are perceived on the internet is key to being successful. A poor image or a weak online presence is terrible for any business and results in less business, a lack of competitiveness and can spell doom for your company.

But you can have the search results you want and control the entire first page… So when people search for you they see you have a strong online presence and are encouraged to do business with you.

They will find:

  • Your main website
  • Professional profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Directory Listings – Industry specific and local
  • Positive reviews / Testimonials
  • Social Media such as Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr
  • Positive articles which promote and showcase your company

We also ensure that product review websites are filled with positive reviews, you have a strong Google Places listing and we can control related search terms so when people begin typing in your company in a search box they don’t see negative related terms.

For complete online protection for your company contact us today!